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Important Information About 925 Silver Jewelry For crafting ornaments, using pure silver is not preferred by jewelers. There so softness and malleability whenever you will be using pure silver. Soft metals as ornaments is not that good as this materials can easily get scratch. That is why most jewelers will not choose this as their materials of choice. Using pure silver as materials will make it wear fast although they are considered as very expensive. By using them only once or twice, they will turn black really quick. In order for the material to be resistant to wear and tear, jewelers needs to find a way. That’s the reason why the 925 silver was created. This is a combination of a 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. It is also this material that is also called as sterling silver. Making coins, flatware, accessories and of course crafting ornaments are what these materials are used for. You might be asking how you will know if it is a 925 jewelry. It is this jewelry that you can find it easy to determine. All of the 925 sterling silver that you can find will have a 925 engraved on it. Being keen on this will help you get the authentic item as there are sellers that sell items that do not have the same silver composition. For you to be really sure if the components of the material, you can do some test on it. You have to make sure that you will rub on an area of the item first. The area to where you scuff is where you will drop nitric acid on. The moment that it will turn black or green, then that is a clear indicator that it is not sterling silver. But if it will turn into a cream, color, then that is a sterling silver you are looking at. Doing these tests may not be necessary anymore the moment that you will buy items from a legitimate store that sells sterling silvers. The next thing that we will be discussing is how it take care of these types of jewelry. You will find that these materials that the jewelry are made of can get tarnished easily. By placing them in special treated bags or containers, you can prevent them from getting tarnished easily. Purchasing these bags can be done on the retailers to which you bought your jewelry from.
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You will never find it hard making a tarnish sterling silver tarnish free again. One thing that you can do is to buy a special cloth that s made for sterling silver. Most jewelry stores have them. By rubbing the ornament into the special cloth, you will be able to remove all of the stains and tarnish that has accumulated.Short Course on Jewelry – What You Should Know